Electronic Press Kits (EPK) & Why You Need One

“If you fail to prepare, you’re preparing to fail” – Benjamin Franklin.

What is an Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

In short, an Electronic Press Kit or EPK is a collection of all the assets you’ll need throughout your music career pre-prepared in once place so that you can quickly and efficiently send them to people when needed.

What are the “assets” included in and EPK? 

Basically you want anything that any industry person might need ready to go, including:

Recent Press Shots:

In both portrait and landscape, both with backgrounds and studio with white and black backgrounds (useful for blog features, club, festival or gig posters with minimal editing required.

Your bio – as a PDF, Word or Google Doc:

Text that can easily be copied (avoid having this in an image that needs to be re-typed).

Your One-Sheet

Or list of achievements in one place – shows you’ve played, media you’ve been featured in, significant streaming, career or performance achievements.

Logos / Visuals:

Include hi-res copies of your logo in transparent PNG, EPS and other formats for use on media. Include the visuals you need used at shows for easy access.

Contact Details:

Make sure to include your phone number and email, if you have them, include your managers or agents details, as well as the links to your official social media and music service providers so industry folds can easily find the right accounts to link and tag.

Release / Upcoming Gig schedule:

Many play-listers, media, radio and other contacts want to know what your schedule is like – so including this in your EPK allows them to see and credit these things (providing they are public information).

Performance History / Credibility:

Any posters/ flyers from gigs you’ve done.

Virality / Social Proof:

Any significant social media stats – viral TikTok videos, video uses, social followings etc. Radio stations need some big stats / hits to consider a track for rotation.

Some common implementations of an EPK are:

  • A Dropbox or Google Drive folder to all the assets, clearly named – i.e images named “Your Artist Name – Portrait press Shot”, “Your Artist Name – Bio”, “Your Artist Name – Headshot on White BG”.
  • A website with all content listed and an easy download link if required.
  • A YouTube video showreel with downloadable assets link.

Do you still need an EPK in the modern music industry?

Whilst touring may have come to a grinding halt during the global pandemic, there are still a lot of very good uses for being prepared with your EPK.

Aside from having all of these assets prepared, saving you time and speeding up the implementation of campaigns, it’s also required for many industry activities.

Let’s look at some example EPK uses:

  • You land a feature in a big music publication and they ask for your bio, press shots and background on your achievements.
  • You land a booking agent and they want to pitch you to a festival or club – they want to see your social stats and previous gig experience.
  • You’re doing a Spotify or Apple Music Pitch and need to add weight and credibility to your new single release.

That way you can email a simple link and the person interested can download what they need from your link.

Sending Your Electronic Press Kit

Make sure your press kit design and layout match your brand, vibe and aesthetic and also make sure you remember to only email / share a link to your EPK, DO NOT attach it to your email – no one wants to download a 20MB+ email and it will get blocked by a lot of spam filters.

EPK Examples:

You can check out some real-life (publicly available) EPKs below:

Timmy Trumpet: Have a look

Will Sparks: Have a look

Tigerlily: Have a look