How To Get Exponentially More Visitors To Your Site
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It was early 2014, when I helped a friend out with their blog. A brand new site with no history and no brand recognition. For the first few weeks, traffic was pretty stable.

But about 3 months later, I worked out that the process we had been following had really started to deliver more and more people to the site without really doing anything special.

We used a process that has allowed my friend to grow her traffic consistently. A process she could wash, rinse and repeat each month.  She is now at a point where she is adding about 1,000 new visitors each month.

Best of all, she’s been doing this without spending any money on marketing!

The process we’ve been using will work for anyone. It works so well that the results she’s experiencing with her new blog are even better, which is just going nuts.

So, how did she achieve those results, and how can you do the same? 

1. Collect emails…

Now this gets thrown around by “internet marketing gurus” a lot, but chances are you still aren’t growing your email database when people visit your blog! Other than organic search traffic, emails are the most consistent form of visitors you can get.

Just look at the following data for the site, here is the email traffic it has received over the last 30 days:

email website traffic

So, how do you collect emails?

The easiest ways are through a sign up box and with pop ups! The best part is you don’t need to be a guru web coder to add these to your site, you can simply use companies like Sumome that handle everything for you with a pretty interface that makes it easy!

sumome email capture

In addition to using Sumome for pop up email gathering, you should also use it for their handy social sharing tools. Especially if you run a WordPress site!

2. Email your list regularly…

Here’s the kicker.. building a list is one thing, but correctly using is it a totally different ball game.

Once you have your list, it’s important to email your list regularly, but not so much that they get annoyed and unsubscribe (we’ve all been there).

Set yourself out a content schedule, it might be once per week, once per month or once per quarter. Whatever interval you choose, make sure you always keep it consistent. Monitor different send days / times to see which get the most clicks.

Email management platforms such as Mailchimp allow you to schedule your emails to go out even where you’re not at your computer and report back on how many people read, opened and clicked the links back to your site.

3. Write detailed content

The average blog post blog my friend writes ranges from 800 words on the low end to 2,000 words at the upper limit.

I know what you are thinking: that’s quite a bit of writing. And it is.

On top of that, each article contains loads of diagrams and images, which can be hard if you don’t have a stockpile of photos handy, but it’s worth it if you can get some.

Take a look at the search traffic for the last 3 months:

  • February – 3,200 visitors (only 28 days in this month)
  • March – 4,900 visitors
  • April – 5,500 visitors (projected)

How has she been able to increase her search traffic on a consistent basis? Is there some secret magic SEO trick?


It’s simply by writing extremely valuable, detailed content which allows her to get ranked for hundreds of “long tail keywords” that aren’t competitive.

If you are thinking about writing great content, make sure it’s extremely detailed, well researched and well thought out content. The type of content that your competitors put in the too hard basket!

4. Build your fan base

Say what? But my business isn’t sexy?!

You’re probably wondering why anyone would want to be your fan?

Well, you need to stop thinking that way because. Everyone has fans, even if they shouldn’t.

So, just how do you build your fan base? You can start by trying to help everyone out. Are you responding to each and every comment you receive on your blog, twitter or facebook?

Probably not…

And when your readers email you, are you taking the time to email them back? You should care about your readers and do whatever is in your power to help them out. And they will keep coming back.

People who feel connected to you and like they know you build a strong connection with your brand. And when it’s time for them to need your services, guess who the first person they go to is? That’s right, the person that helped them… you.

5. Write more frequently

Most people start out writing one article a month, which inevitably only results in 12 new pieces of content a year. This isn’t really going to open the flood gates to rivers of new visitors.

I suggest that you always try to put out at least one article a week, schedule some time for it and make sure you get it done before your planned social sharing and email date so you don’t need to rush it.

If the issue is finding time, I know a guy that can help you  😉


Growing your website traffic doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow the steps in this blog post and you too will be getting more visitors to your site.

Sure your growth may not be as rapid as my friends, but you should still see more traffic, and remember it took 3-4 months before her traffic really kicked off.

If you had to pick just one thing to follow, consider writing long, detail content. What I learned over time is that blog articles tend to be very short and superficial, just skimming the service of a topic. When an in-depth article with lots of images and detail is written, it does extremely well in search engines.

How have you tried to grow your website traffic?