Why You Want Me As Your “Online Guy”
Luke Jamieson


Do you have a website that is not delivering results?

Have you been burned paying some cheap “online guru” $300 per month to build spammy links and provide sub-standard services?

What about those pesky emails from overseas “Agencies” pretending that they’ve looked at your site and can get you “Number 1 in google” for just $4.95 per month?

With online marketing you get what you pay for!

The good news is, you don’t have to worry about your website under performing any more.

I can take care of all your online needs, and the best part – you’ll always be able to get a hold of me. I’m very accessible.

Growing your business is my priority. I spend the time understanding your goals and pains, and work with you to provide the best solution to deliver the results you want. I don’t use cookie cutter “packages”, your business is different to others and should be treated accordingly.


Why We Should Work Together

I like to work with businesses and people who appreciate a good quality relationship . I believe in a win-win situation for both of us, and will only take on your project if I believe I can provide value to your business.

I’m not interested in taking your money without providing phenomenal value and return to your bottom line.

I enjoy immersing myself in new projects, businesses & industries and would love to hear about yours.

Let’s have a chat!

Feel free to contact me, for a chat about your business and how I may be of assistance in providing huge growth for you online.

I look forward to hearing from you.