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SEO Website Audit & Strategy

You wouldn’t start building a new house without a floor plan, so why would you start an online marketing campaign without developing a plan of attack?

Similarly, you wouldn’t build your house on a swap – you need a solid foundation or your house is going to sink.

Online marketing is just the same – you need a solid foundation and a great plan before you start building, and if you want the best house, you need a great architect.

Why an SEO Website Audit?

An SEO website audit helps us identify the strengths and weaknesses of your website and online landscape. It reveals to us us who your online competitors are, where there are gaps in the market and opportunities to improve your site.

It may reveal that there has been previous work done that may impact the results of future work that need to be fixed. It might show us that your industry is very competitive and that extra effort will be required for results.

Regardless, before I start any online marketing, SEO or other digital campaign we need to audit your online profile so we know what we’re dealing with.

What does an online marketing strategy involve?

Once we’re familiar with where your website and business sits within your industry online, we use the knowledge we’ve gained to provide strategic actions to increase you businesses visibility, visitors and leads online.

This strategy can include any number of things, it’s different for every business, but often involves updates to your website’s content, code and design, and usually always involves some form of online promotion, whether it’s social media, content marketing or other strategies.

A typical online marketing strategy will provide a 6 month plan as updates take time to implement and be acknowledged by the search engines, but rest assured given the right amount of attention in the right places your website will soon be performing like the star sales person you dreamed it would be.

Keen to know more?

Contact me today for a chat about your online business objectives and how I might be able to help formalise a plan to help you dominate your market online.